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If you look after a good place to Eat Well in Las Médulas…

O Palleiro do Pe do Forno


Eat in Las Médulas as an ancient Roman, a typical place to eat well, nature surrounded.

Taste all the flavors of El Bierzo traditional cuisine, home-made bread and amazing desserts of “The granny”, and with a Mencía wine from El Bierzo.

Moreover, due to the impact of the romans in our region, our guests can taste roman recipes widespread from the writer Apicio. These recipes have been exposed in different exhibitions such as Roman Gold Exhibition in VILA POUCA DE AGUIAR Mines, Portugal.

The coast of  a complete meal is about 20 and 25 €/person, included wine and coffee.

All these dishes with a wine from EL Bierzo, in a quiet dining room with amazing views to EL Bierzo which will surprise all our guests.


Our first dishes are cooked with fresh local products and are abundand and ideal to share.


Our dedication: satisfy your palate and pamper each dish.

FINALLY: Our Desserts

To enjoy your meal, all our desserts are home-made.


Our are large variet

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