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Don´t miss to have a look at ancient Roman Settlements and the Roman Mine, Las Médulas.

If you like adventure, the roman Canals are perfect for you.

Las Médulas,  an amazing and unique area  in your trip at El Bierzo, enjoying hiking routes suitable for all public.

You can visit them at any time, all the year, its grateful landscape will surprise you, also its vegetation.

A whole mix of centenary chestnut trees, oak  and cherry trees which height will surprise you, as well  holm oaks… in the middle of those red rocks. It seems as they will fall, but exist from two thousand years and are still alive.

A landscape environment as the result of the explotation of the gold mines.


Main Hiking Routes in Las Médulas

✅ Perimetral path

✅ Gold Mine Path

✅ Gold Mine Path

✅ Reirigo Path

✅ Lago Sumido Path

✅ Roman Channels Path

The Gold Path

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