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"O Palleiro do Pe do Forno", Emblem of Médulas gold

Where the rest is the best pleasure

If you like travelling without rush and having relax and amenities are essential for you.

Then this is your place

To provide calm and boost chatting between the guests, our home doesn’t have TV

Country in Las Médulas, 2 km aways from Orellán viewpoint-  Las Médulas balcony- it´s located the country in O Palleiro do Pe do Forno, old straw loft renovated with a wooden and slate roof.

In O Palleiro our team will inform you about different hiking routes to enjoy your holidays in the archaeological park of Las Médulas, World Heritage Site

Our living areas are always decorated with nice sculptures and paintings from the locals

You can relax and try our licors and berevages by the fireplace (You can also visit some of the best wineries in El Bierzo).

Our cozy and cute dining room, with amazing views to El Bierzo hill, holds 30 guests and exclusive family or friends celebrations.

Comunal Area

Our desire of recreated the Roman heritage from our point of view, led us to create a nice Roman terrace, as the roman “Domus” style. This Roman terrace has a fountain and depicts a moisac of that time.

We offer relax and nice areas for chatting, away from roads to keep children safe and parents unworried

It´s the ideal place to exchange tales and conversations with others about your day or the hiking routes you walked.

Here you could end your day, surrounded of centenarian chestnut trees and a clear and magic sky at night time. Feeling peaceful and relaxed will help you to get recovered for the next day.