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Perimetral path de las Médulas

Routes of Gold Roman Mine de las Médulas

Hiking Route Description

A circular route of 11 kilometres which can be done on foot, with SUV (no cars) or with mountain bike.


We leave the country inn and turn left to Médulas village, once there we head to the centre of the village and we follow a sign to Las Pedrices path to 2.2km which will take us to Yeres path and then we follow easily the signs, always toward Orellán viewpoint.

Few metres after the town exit we find a diversion to Lago Sumido path, we take a dirt track and few minutes later we arrive.

Once in return, we turn to the right and continue the path which we left to see Lago Sumido. After a little while we´ll find a diversion to Orellan Viewpoint, we´ll take the track and will continue 4km.

Must-stops are up to you, however we recommend Las Pedrices Viewpoint 500 m from here and Campo da Braña.

In the Predices Viewpoint you could enjoy of amazing views and nature created by ancient romans, Médulas village, Sumido Lake and of course Las Médulas valley

Of course, our second stop is Campo de Braña, a place where romans used to have their water reservoir which was used for gold extraction, today is a recreational area. It a perfect place for picnics.

Leaving Campo de Brañas behind, we continue the dirt track toward Orellán Viewpoint. It is essential to visit the Gold Mine to know how romans worked 2000 years ago.

The route is over, after this enjoyable visit we´ll take the main road and 300 m away from the Viewpoint we´ll find a wood barrier which we´ll open and close it after we pass. We´ll take the road down and we´ll arrive to Orellán.

On foot

Daylong excursion...

We leave O Palleiro and take a path (Los Conventos path) to Orellán Viewpoint, from here we´ll see amazing human creations, it can sound strange but yes, humans can create extraordinary art creations.

We leave O Palleiro and take a path to Orellán Viewpoint, from here we´ll see amazing human creations, it can sound strange but yes, humans can create extraordinary art creations.

After enjoying the Galleries, we continue the journey. We take the track leaving Orellan Viewpoint and after few metres we will find on the right the beginning of a path which will lead us to Las Valiñas Path, but we will see Las Valiñas Path later.

Just after a little climbing, we´ll find on the left a sign of Peña Escribida Canal in 20 metres; if we continue in the dirt track we´ll arrive to Campo da Braña which today it has been converted into a recreational area.

From this point, we go down surrounded by different trees and plants such

The next stop is Pedrices Viewpoint which we´ll find on the right. From here we can enjoy of an amazing view of Las Medulas and red clay peaks.

After watching and enjoying of this cultural landscape modified by gold extraction processes, we continue our journey toward Médulas Village where we find signboards about the routes and paths. Once we are near to Médulas Village, on the left we will find Lago Sumido Path sign.

We leave this route for another day, so we continue toward Medulas village to have a drink and when we are ready we´ll continue again the route toward Orellan Viewpoint, we continue down the road to O Palleiro do Pe do Forno Country inn.


Low difficulty hiking route, ideal for families, but we need to take into account the duration and length and carry drinks and water to keep you hydrated because this route will take us all day.


11 km

Toute la journée.

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