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Routes of Gold Roman Mine de las Médulas

View of medulas from orellan viewpoint

You need to know..

Some historians say that Plinio led the extraction of gold in Las Médulas; the production was estimated to 5 tons, however others says in less than 5 tons.  Anyway, the process was amazing, people joined water from streams and small rivers from Teleno Mountains, in 2000m of altitude.

The water was carried in Canals into a reservoir (it´s estimated that its length was 300km, 90cm deep and 1.20 – 1.60 m wide). Once people had dug and empty tunnels with metal hammers, they release the water down causing big explosions.

All this process was calculated and materials from the explosion fell into a washing area where romans selected the precious gold.

This is only a brief, if you would like to know deeply about this, you should visit the Archaeology Centre, The Park House in Carucedo and the Visitors Reception Center.

Scale model of Las Médulas digs
source: (revistadehistoria.es)

Scale model of Las Médulas digssource: (revistadehistoria.es)

Hiking Route Description

This route inside the mine is probably one of the most amazing route in Las Médulas

We leave Orellán village from Los Conventos Path in the same Country inn, surrounded by chestnut trees and vegetation; in this path you could enjoy of wonderful views and nature and we´ll walk to Orellán Viewpoint. This first walk is about 2 kilometres but is worthwhile.

We need to stop in the Viewpoint, from here we can see all the valley and the Gold mine and we´ll buy the ticket to visit the inside galleries where the excavations took place and admire the constructions of the locals.

We´ll stop to have a snack and a drink and continue to la Cuevona along la Valiñas path

We leave the entrance to the Viewpoint behind and we turn right to the track following the signs until find a sign to go toward Camino del Mirador path which guide us to La Cuevona, La Encantada and after we will go down to Médulas village.

We´ll spend most of the time there and we´ll take the path back .

If you don´t want to walk so much you can go until Orellán Viewpoint by car and leave the car in the car park, then you only walk to the Viewpoint and La Cuevona and La Encantada


Medium difficulty: The most difficult part is the ascent from Orellán to the Viewpoint and the return from Las Médulas to Orellán Viewpoint. However, this first stretch could be done by car leaving the car in the car park in the Viewpoint.

It´s possible to do:  

   8 km

   All day h.

Photo Gallery

  • Parking del Mirador de Orellán
  • Orellan (León)-Spain Viewpointde
  • View of Las Medulas area
  • View of Médulas
  • Acceso a la Galería Romana de las Médulas
  • Interior de la Galería de la Mina Romana de Médulas
  • Interior de la Galería de la Mina de Oro de las Médulas
  • Interior de la Galería de la Mina de Oro de las Médulas
  • Aparcamiento de la Mina Romana de Oro de Médulas
  • View of Médulas
  • View of Médulas
  • Interseción de las Sendas de la Cuevona y del Mirador de Orellán
  • Fuente de la Tía Viviana  en las Médulas
  • Castaño de Interesado por la Reina Doña Sofía en Médulas
  • View of Médulas
  • View of Médulas